“Take your training to the
next level.”

”I” like “Intelligent”

The String Learning platform is an intelligent
educational tool developed to advance knowledge retention within record time.

The advanced cognitive algorithms enable for individualized testing.

What they say about us.

“The platform is intuitive and easy to use”

— Marc. H.

“An excellent supplement for traditional learning”

— Sophie T.

“Every student's dream-tool”

— Roland H.

”Easy and valuable overview on your performance”

— Thomas R.

Learning is about acquiring new information.
Memory is about retaining it.

Central to these processes in the brain is the hippocampus where consolidation of information and impressions causes long-term memory storage. This is performed based on synaptic plasticity - the ability of neural synapses to strengthen over time - which is referred to as long-term potentiation (LTP).

Research shows that multimodal approach to learning improves LTP and that testing is one of the superior methods for improving knowledge retention when compared to conventional learning. This is the so called “testing effect”.

More info:

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