The String Learning Digital Library

Business Training

Business Training

Optimize in-house training.
Create custom training courses. Update them at any time.
Provide secure access to multiple employees, teams, and departments.
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Get real-time reports on their learning progress. Successfully identify top performers.
  • Create a comprehensive LMS for your employees
  • Update it whenever you want with relevant content. Keep your employees abreast of all advancements in their field.
  • Curate specific content for different departments. Offer access to your employees anywhere, anytime.
  • Get access to the vast and continuously expanding String Learning library. Easily accessible quality content right at your fingertips.
  • Create special training courses for your employees.
  • Set up milestones, tests, video lectures and other content to track progress.
  • Get real-time results based on the performance of employees in these courses.
  • Find out the top employees. Identify the learning gaps in others and help them overcome these.
The perfect platform for business training

The perfect platform for business training

String Learning is the perfect platform which you can use to create an in-house Learning Management System (LMS) for your business. This LMS will serve as a dynamic, digital content library.
You can create training courses, roll out regular content and provide uninterrupted access to your employees. With String Learning, you can take your in-house training to the next level by tracking progress and getting real-time results.

Get access to the vast String Learning library

Business training is all about keeping your employees up-to-date with the latest in their field. The vast String Learning library can be an immensely helpful resource in this regard.
Our continuously expanding library already has a huge volume of relevant digital content for businesses. You can pick and choose this content, access it at any time, and instantly integrate it into your training courses.

Customized digital content

Create digital content exactly as per the needs of your employees. Bring together a custom course for different teams and departments.
You can also make use of the String Learning database to pick and choose the relevant digital content, and add it to your own digital library. This lets you curate perfectly tailored digital content for your employees.
Customized digital content
User statistics. Measureable progress.

User statistics. Measureable progress.

String Learning lets you rely on trackable progress and measureable results. Get factual details about the performance of your employees and accurate results regarding their learning.
On the one hand, this will help you handpick the top learners and the most promising employees. On the other hand, you will be able to pinpoint the learning gaps of the rest of the staff members. Using such targeted training you can bridge these gaps in no time.
Better training. Faster learning. More productive employees.

Better training. Faster learning. More productive employees.

String Learning is result-oriented. So at the end of the day, the platform is geared towards ensuring that your employees get access to a rich array of relevant digital content, understand and learn the important details in no time, and become a more productive part of your company.