The String Learning Digital Library

Educators and Educational Institutions

Educators and Educational Institutions

Create custom courses with String Learning and offer rich digital content to your students.
Improve student grades using smart testing with cognitive algorithms.
Consolidate all your curriculum resources in one digital repository. Offer access to your students, anywhere, anytime.
  • Set up your own Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Set up custom courses, develop content as per the specific educational needs of your students.
  • Gain access to the String Learning library with content on more than 15 academic disciplines. Directly integrate this content into your courses.
  • Modify and edit your courses whenever you want.
  • Branded login. Secure access for students.
  • One place to consolidate all your digital courses and curriculum. Give access to as many students and classes.
  • Create tests. Get actual results and gain insights into students’ performance.
String Learning as LMS

String Learning as LMS

A good Learning Management System (LMS) is essential for a modern classroom. String Learning offers that and even more. Use String Learning to create a smart, comprehensive and rich LMS for your students.
Add any content you want and modify it whenever you want. Consolidate your educational resources in one digital repository. Then offer access to as many classes and as many students as you want. You can even license content from other sources, including our own digital content library.
Get instant access to the String Learning library

Get instant access to the String Learning library

We have course material comprising of more than 20,000 questions on books from over 15 academic disciplines. Each book in our database also comes with video lectures, comprehensive summaries, and more. You can integrate this rich array of digital content directly into your LMS, offering your students instant access to it.
Our digital library is continuously expanding, so you can instantly access quality content on any discipline and integrate it into your digital curriculum.
Pick and choose the relevant content and make it a part of your course materials. Crafting a customized digital curriculum that specifically meets the needs of your students has never been easier.

Customized teaching. Smart tests. Improved grades.

Use our smart tests to improve student grades. We use cognitive algorithms in our tests to identify the specific needs and learning gaps of every individual student. This gives you a deep insight into the performance of every student. As a result, you are able to offer the right help and attention to each student based on their needs.
Once these gaps are identified, you can focus on these and assist your students improve their grades. 94% students who have used String Learning so far recommend it as a useful tool for better learning and knowledge retention.
Customized teaching. Smart tests. Improved grades.
Branded and secure login

Branded and secure login

We offer custom-design and branded login for educators. This login will be absolutely secure, so that you can allow access only to your students.
Using this login, your students can access the rich digital content in your LMS via smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. So your students get uninterrupted access to course materials at all times.