Dec 12, 2018

Our more than 12.000 users have now answered over 4.5 million questions on the String Learning platform!

Learn in a smart way with String Learning.

Using smart testing techniques, String Learning lets you retain key knowledge, identify the gaps, and then overcome those. The end result: a steeper learning curve, better grades for students, greater productivity for employees, and better performance for companies.
Learn in a smart way with String Learning.

- App access
- Statistics on your performance
- Adaptive learning algorithms
- More info on test questions
- Personal notes
- Bookmark questions
- And much, much more!

The String Learning Digital Library

  • + 50.000 MCQ and cuecard test
    from top universities
  • + 100 text book tests
    from leading publishers
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A smart learning tool for everyone.
What is String Learning?

A smart learning tool for everyone.

Whether you want to achieve better grades for your students, improve employee productivity, or simply want to understand and learn books better yourself, String Learning is the perfect tool. Using smart algorithms, it identifies the exact data points for you and then helps you learn the relevant concepts and knowledge in a fun, easy, and quick way.
How does it work?

How does it work?

For students:
Search the relevant book on the huge String Learning database and find the most pertinent questions. Take tests and find the precise areas where you are lacking. Then focus on these areas, quickly learn the relevant knowledge, and improve your grades in no time.
For organizations:
Upgrade the knowledge of your employees in no time. Use data points to measure employee learning and keep your workforce up-to-date with the latest knowledge in the industry.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Carry your smart teaching guru anywhere and learn anytime. Use it on your smartphone, your tablet, or your laptop. Continue your tests during a flight or during a vacation, and keep improving your learning process. Never before has learning been so easy and so much fun.
Customized learning for everyone

Customized learning for everyone

Everyone has a unique mindset. So String Learning offers a unique learning experience for every individual. The platform will test you for your skill set and knowledge, and then help you improve it in your own way. At the end of the day, you will have more knowledge, clearer concepts, and greater confidence in your learning abilities.

The perfect way to study a book

Use the vast String Learning database to search any book from international publishers. String Learning will offer you summaries and video lectures to understand concepts quickly and perfectly. Once you have the book at your fingertips, test yourself on our wide database of questions. These questions come with visuals, videos, references, and more, to help you rigorously identify and overcome learning gaps.
End Result: You understand the book like the back of your hand and retain all its details!

Start smart learning today!

Gone are the days of cramming concepts and seeking quality guides. With String Learning, you become the master of your own learning. Find out the exact areas where you lack and then let String Learning help you overcome these gaps. With a surprisingly small investment, you can improve your grades, your professional career, and your business.