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A Digital Opportunity for Publishers

A Digital Opportunity for Publishers

A platform with thousands of students from all over the world with a stunning 94% recommendation by them.
Become a part of the digital revolution in education. Let us bring digital content of your books to the students’ fingertips, with comprehensive summaries, video lectures, smart tests, and other value-added content.
  • Complement your books with rich, relevant, and useful digital content.
  • Connect with a larger and global audience online.
  • Make your books more accessible and easy to understand for the students using digital content.
  • Garner more sales.

Add more value to every book

We stand on the edge of an e-revolution in the education industry. More and more students now rely on online educational platforms such as String Learning to access and understand their textbooks better. This is because we offer summaries, tests, video walkthroughs, and other multimedia content to help students understand and remember any book in an easy and fun way.
You can send us a book and we will curate a rigorously academic digital content from it for our platform. Or you can directly send us the relevant content and we will add it to our database.
Add more value to every book
Business opportunity for publishers

Business opportunity for publishers

This is an opportunity for publishers to become a part of this reader-centric revolution. Become a part of our platform and add more value to every book by complementing it with easily accessible digital content. Connect with a larger audience, let your readers understand your books better and at the same time, increase your sales.
You can also sell this digital content alongside the physical sales of the book, creating a new revenue stream for your business.
Be in charge

Be in charge

Once the digital content of your books is on our platform, you retain complete control over it. You can offer String Learning access directly to your customers when they purchase the book. The added value of useful digital content will be an immense benefit to your customers.
You can also gain feedback directly from String Learning users and get valuable insights regarding your books.

A win-win situation

We already offer digital content on educational books from multiple international publishers. Our database currently has digital content on more than 15 academic disciplines, including content about mainstream academic books from a number of universities. And we are quickly expanding the list.
Do not miss out on this win-win opportunity that will immensely benefit your business as well as your customers. Join the e-education revolution today!