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Learning a medical specialty as sophisticated as radiology is tough, and takes considerable time to master.  With an endless sea of radiology cases to study, the best way to hone your diagnostic skills is through repeated examination of case specific images.  

Why not make learning all of this easier on yourself?

Our radiology questions can help you do just that!  We’ve put together an assortment of unique cases with corresponding x­ray images to bring you as close to a real life diagnosing scenario as possible.  

X-­ray imaging has been used to diagnose hundreds of ailments and accounts for nearly 75% of all imaging examinations.  From abdominal aortic aneurisms, to Zenner syndrome and everything in between, there are no set rules for diagnosis, but learning the pathology of diseases and how they manifest themselves in an x­-ray image will help.  

We’ve broken our radiology mcq’s down into specific categories of anatomical focus, so you can devote as much or as little attention as you want to each part of the body.   Here are some of the areas you’ll have a chance to examine: 

● Head and Soft Tissues of the Face and Neck 

See the anatomy of the normal skull as well as common variants that indicate disorders such as Hyperostosis and Paget’s disease.  Also learn to identify some common causes of intracranial pathology like head trauma, stroke, or brain tumors.  

● The Chest

Quiz questions will include chest x­ray images showing indicators of chest disorders such as mediastinal masses, bronchogenic carcinomas, and COPD. Recognize diseases of the heart like pericardial effusion, and cardiomyopathy the the many types of pneumonia too.  

● The Abdomen 

See normal abdominal organ locations and fluid levels.  Study cases of gastrointestinal 

disorders and learn to recognize signs of intestinal blockage and lleus.  In addition you’ll have a chance to see various abnormalities of the bowels, pancreas and urinary tract,  as well as signs of extraluminal gas in the abdomen.  

● The Bones 

Learn what normal bone density looks like, and see cases of diminished as well as increased bone density, and the pathological implications of both.  Also, study fractures, dislocations, and the various forms of joint disease afflicting people like arthritis.  

● Adult and Pediatric Diseases

See examples of diseases that commonly affect adults versus children.  Often, an x­-ray image may appear to indicate a certain affliction, however knowing the age and history  of the patient from whom the x­ray was taken is critical to, and often affects an accurate diagnosis.  

We’ve carefully crafted our radiology quiz to give you the best results possible as a learner.   By providing you with case specific questions and corresponding radiology pictures, we’ll help you get a sharper eye for spotting normally unseen diseases, and a greater understanding of the variables that must be factored together to make an accurate diagnosis. And, with questions framed to feel like a game of trivia, studying radiology has never been more fun and easy! 

Come see why medical students are literally raving about our radiology quiz as “every students dream­tool!” and put yourself on the fast track to becoming an x­ray imaging expert now!