Molecular Biology of the Cell, 6th edition


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Based upon the book by: Keith Roberts David Morgan Bruce Alberts Alexander Johnson Julian Lewis Martin Raff Peter Walter

String Learning’s cell organelle quiz will help you remember cell structures for good! Whether you’re a molecular biology student preparing for a test, a professor looking for supplementary educational materials, or just a fan of trivia wanting to expand your general knowledge of cell biology, our MCQ’s are written with you, the learner, in mind. Having trouble remembering cell membrane structure? Or, maybe you can’t keep the processes of cell energy conversion straight? No to worry. String Learning’s algorithm will automatically hone in on the areas you have the most trouble with and re­test you over similar questions until you’ve learned the material, down pat. The built in progress tracker will monitor your results to show how much you’ve improved! Our test questions and answers will bring you up to speed on multiple frameworks of molecular biology including:

  •  Cell Chemistry and Bioenergetics ­Learn the basic elements essential to life, and the chemical reactions that happen between them in order for organisms to be able to grow and reproduce.
  • Genetic Mechanisms like DNA, Chromosomes and Genomes ­How DNA is built and comes together to form the larger structures of chromosomes, and even further to genomes. And, how cells read the genome, from DNA to protein.
  • The Internal Organization and Functions of Cell Organelles ­Learn the specific organization, function, and distinctions between plant and animal cell structures. 
  • The Building of Systems from Cells, from Molecules. ­Review the entire process from the first bonding of proteins to form branching cells, which form tissues of organs, that make up the various systems within an organism. 
  • The Cell Cycle ­From interphase, to metaphase, to cytokinesis, learn the processes that take place in every phase of the cell cycle, and how cells utilize proteins to regulate errors in the duplication of genetic information.
  • Cell Junctions and the Extracellular Matrix ­The different methods plant and animal cells use to build systems and how the extracellular matrix supports migratory cells, allowing them to move about and interact with each other.
  • Cells in their Social Context ­From cancer to stem cells and tissue renewal, to pathogens and infections, learn the implications behind the inner workings of multicellular systems.

Delving into the underpinnings of the phenomena we call life can be a challenging, yet rewarding endeavor. With scores of molecular components performing hundreds of different functions, it is important to know not just their names and respective functions, but to also understand the enduring concepts from which these various biological puzzle pieces come together. String Learning’s chapter by chapter breakdown of molecular biology allows you to choose exactly which topics you’d like your practice test to cover. And, our three different learning speeds let you further customize your testing experience by deciding how fast you want to move through the information. It’s time to start exercising your recollective abilities, and come see why String Learning’s practice tests are being celebrated as “every student’s dream­tool” and “an excellent supplement for traditional learning!” Here are 5 example questions to get you started, or go ahead and get the whole quiz now!