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Utilize a perfect employer branding opportunity for your company.
Sponsor free digital content for your target user group.
Know the Top Talent in the target group. Get a chance to tap this talent before other employers.
  • Effective and measureable employer branding for your company
  • Target specific user groups. Reach students in a specific age group, geographical location, discipline, or university through your ads.
  • Multiple advertising mediums available. Advertise on our website interface, alongside the course content for the students, or directly through commercials in the video lectures offered to the students.
  • Get direct access to user stats and insights of your target audience.
  • Tap into the Top Talent in your target audience with our help. Get a chance to stay ahead of other employers.
  • Sponsor signature content, specifically related to your business brand.
World-class employer branding

World-class employer branding

We curate stellar branding campaigns for our sponsors. We do this by integrating your advertisements and brand directly into our digital content. You get to choose where you want to have your ads placed.
We will incorporate your commercials and ads directly into video lectures, multimedia content of the tests, and in other related videos. So your target audience will see your brand and your ads numerous times while going through the sponsored digital content. We will, of course, integrate these videos in a seamless way without disrupting the learning experience of the students.

Offer specific content to a target audience

As a String Learning sponsor, you have the option to sponsor specific digital content. We currently offer rich digital content related to more than 15 academic disciplines. Choose a discipline that is directly related to your brand and reach the right audience.
We will help you identify the exact audience you are looking for. You can target students in a specific age group, geographical location, universities or disciplines. By sponsoring content for a specific group, you can target your intended audience more effectively.
Offer specific content to a target audience
Direct access to user stats. Measurable results.

Direct access to user stats. Measurable results.

Once you have identified your target user group, we will share the relevant statistics and deep insights with you. You can, for instance, get to know the top performers within that group. You can also determine how effective your campaign is. Based on these insights, we will help you continuously evolve and improve your ads campaign.